The Fine Art of Patricia F. Brown
P.F features the exclusive artwork of Salt Spring Island's Patricia Brown. With a professional background in architecture her paintings reflect a symmetry and precision that is imaginatively cloaked in pure organic substance. Her water colour artwork is detailed exquisitely and provokes an insight into how the forces of nature manifest in a myriad of forms and textures. Time and space is a hugely elemental aspect of her work, essentially spanning centuries and profoundly indigenous to the original relations we find throughout nature. The Earth Circles series forms a sequence of 13 paintings which presents for the first time to the world wide web, not just a 'baker's dozen' of selected original works but a cycle of work as in the 13 moon cycles we experience in every solar systemic year. And there is more. As a long time resident of SALTSPRING ISLAND, this original ARTIST of Salt Spring is deeply involved in expanding the creative culture of her community. Patricia Brown, with her paintings of moths, frogs, toads, salmon, dragons, skeletal archaeological anatomy and architecturally precise design creates an invitation to all to experience the deeper message underlying the creative processes of free expression. Explore her paintings as you would explore nature herself, a cave or ancient remnant of a future civilization.